Innovative Formulation

DAXXIFY® is the first and only purified 150-kDa neuromodulator formulated with Peptide Exchange Technology (PXT).4-8


Same amount of core active neurotoxin in a 20U Botox® Cosmetic dose.

The Novel Peptide Aids in Both Stability and Delivery8,11,12

PXT Benefits

    Helps stabilize the core neurotoxin8,12

    Enhances attachment of the neurotoxin, making more toxin available to enter the neuron11

    Helps eliminate the need for animal or human components8

Dose and Storage

    Recommended Dose

    40U (0.18 ng) in 0.5 mL per glabellar line treatment.8


    storage pre reconstitution at room temperature (68°F to 77°F) away from light.8

    Do not freeze

    Up to 72 Hours

    refrigerated storage post reconstitution (36°F to 46°F) due to the differentiated formulation of DAXXIFY®.8

Made in the USA

DAXXIFY® is the only neuromodulator made in the United States.4-8 Created in California, DAXXIFY® continues to be manufactured there today.

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