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Innovative formulation

Formulation Matters

DAXXIFY® is the first and only peptide-powered neuromodulator.1,2,5-8

An image         of a syringe with its contents divided into 3 sections: the section at         the lowest point of the syringe is labelled 'Polysorbate 20, a sugar and         buffers'; the section in the middle is labelled 'Peptide exchange         technology'; the section at the top is labelled 'Core active neurotoxin,         0.18ng'
A wireframe image of a peptide

The Novel Peptide Aids in Both Stability and Delivery

Peptide Exchange Technology

Peptide Exchange Technology (PXT), based on cell-penetrating peptide technology, is our proprietary, synthetic, 35-amino-acid stabilizing excipient peptide with a highly positive charge.1,2,11

PXT enhances the affinity of BoNT/A for cell membranes and anchors BoNT/A to its target, which may enhance internalization.12†

The peptide helps eliminate the need for human serum albumin (HSA).1,2,11

PXT Benefits1

  • No Accessory Proteins

  • No human components (including human serum albumin)

  • No Animal Derivatives

Innovation in Action

A differentiated formulation yields differentiated results.

Dose and Storage

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Recommended Dose

40U (0.18 ng) in 0.5 mL per glabellar line treatment.1

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storage pre reconstitution at room temperature (68°F to 77°F) away from light.1

Do not freeze

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Up to 72 Hours

refrigerated storage post reconstitution (36°F to 46°F) due to the differentiated formulation of DAXXIFY®.1

Made in the USA

DAXXIFY® is the only neuromodulator made in the United States.1,5-8 Created in California, DAXXIFY® continues to be manufactured there today.

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